About Us


CINEMA POETICA is a collective of film critics, journalists, researchers, and activists in Indonesia. Established on 14 October 2010, Cinema Poetica focus on the production of knowledge of cinema and its distribution for the public, as a response to the lack of film literature in Indonesia, also to the lack of critical and analytical texts on Indonesian cinema in general.

On 29 November 2015, Cinema Poetica expanded to international readership. The publications in Cinema Poetica International are translations of selected Indonesian publications in cinemapoetica.com, and also contributions and acquisitions of various writings on Indonesian cinema, whether it’s originally written in Indonesian or English or other languages—as long as it is translatable.


CINEMAPOETICA.COM is an online-based platform for film studies and criticism. Through its publications, cinemapoetica.com offers perspectives that discuss and analyze cinema as part of wider cultural, social, political, economical, and historical struggles. Cinema Poetica gives special attention to films and film cultures often abandoned in many public conversations in Indonesia.

CRITICS CLINIC is a public education program managed by Cinema Poetica since 2014. Through a series of lectures, activities, and discussions, Cinema Poetica seek to discover and groom new talents in film criticism, as an effort to expand the distribution of cinema knowledge and audiovisual literacy in Indonesia.


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Pandji Putranda
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Deden Ramadhani
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